Static and Dynamic Structural Analyses

We conduct structural analyses for all kinds of simple and complex problems and can create calculation models using the entire software range from easy-to-use small software design packages to highly sophisticated finite element programs such as INFOCAD and ANSYS. The main objective is the calculation and structural design of load-bearing structures as the basis for the structural planning that we carry out in cooperation with our partner in Stolberg (El Deib: Engineering Office for Structural Planning) for all work stages in accordance with Section 64 of the German Schedule of Service and Fees for Architects and Engineers (HOAI).

SDA-engineering GmbH is specialized in dynamic structural analyses with a scope of services ranging from the investigation of individual structural components to the time-consuming simulation of load-bearing structures subjected to dynamic loads as a result of earthquakes and induced vibrations. One of the core competencies of SDA-engineering GmbH is the earthquake-resistant design of common buildings and special structures of all kinds.

We are able to provide you with economical solutions for structures under planning and with upgrading strategies for existing structures conform to European or International Standards. If necessary, load-bearing reserves from non-linear material behaviour are taken into account and innovative design procedures are applied in order to verify the structural safety and serviceability. Furthermore, useful life estimates and damage analyses also enable an economic evaluation of planned and existing buildings.