Measurements and Vibration Isolation

The assessment of the vibration behaviour of existing buildings and the calibration of numerical models can be carried out based on structural dynamic measurements. The necessary technical equipment, including several geophones and highly sensitive velocity- and accelerometers are readily available. Powerful professional and in-house software packages are used for evaluating the measurement results for short- as well as long-term measurements. Typical applications are vibrations induced on buildings by the following sources:

  • Machine induced vibrations
  • Rail- and road traffic
  • Construction works
  • Human induced vibrations
  • Explosions

The analyzed measured vibrations are utilized for the development and suggestion of appropriate active and passive vibration control measures. Vibration measurements are also used for checking the efficiency of isolation measures applied for instance in buildings with highly sensitive machines or equipment. In this case unascertainable vibrations for humans can be already unacceptable perturbations, which have to be avoided for an undisturbed operation. The serviceability of such buildings with highly vibration sensitive equipment must be investigated, since the requirements lie in the sub-micrometer range. A verification of the code and guideline requirements within this measurement range is only possible by means of vibration measurements.