Seismic action according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA:2023-11

The interactive tool can be used to determine the plateau values of the spectral accelerations according to DIN EN 1998-1/NA:2023-11 and the design response spectra for locations in Germany. The determination is carried out by entering the building location in the map provided. The spectral plateau accelerations for the return periods 475a, 975a and 2475a are determined for the entered location. The spectral accelerations are based on the normative data to DIN EN 1998-1/NA:2023-11. By using the data, the spectral accelerations of the closest four data network points are determined for each site and interpolated bilinearly to the chosen location. SDA-engineering GmbH is not liable or does not guarantee for the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided.