Easy Silo - Verification of bulk material silos

EASY Silo enables the automated execution of structural safety verifications for bulk material silos subjected to horizontal and vertical loads. Input data are entered through a graphical interface, and the program provides output in the form of a fully verifiable static calculation. The program has a database in which typical silo data are stored in a structured format. The software is basically composed of three modules:

Modul I: Modell-Generation
This module creates the finite-element model of the silo on the basis of the geometric input parameters. The module supports silos of any height, variable roof shapes (sphere, cone, ...), any number of vertical and ring stiffeners, as well as various foundation designs (support ring, …).

Modul II: Last-Generation
The load generation module calculates the loads based on the input parameters and applies them automatically to the silo model. The following load cases are covered: Filling and Emptying, Temperature, Earthquake, Wind, Snow, Operational Loads, Dead loads. The module automatically identifies the most unfavorable position of the load and generates the load combinations which lead to the maximum and minimum stresses in the silo wall. Furthermore, individual load cases can be optionally excluded from the analysis.

Modul III: Verification
The verification module executes the required stress and stability verifications for the silo. The relevant load combinations are generated and the following components are individually verified: Cylinder, Roof, Hopper, Junctions, Vertical Stiffeners, Ring Stiffeners. In addition global safetey checks of the silo structure are carried out for buckling and overturning.