Dynamic Measurements and Monitoring

Serviceability of structures

Vibrations in buildings affect the condition of people. This is not only the case in exposed areas, such as high towers, but also quite commonplace. If, for example, grandstands, bridges or flights of stairs are stimulated to vibrate during use, a feeling of discomfort or even panic can arise. Even vibration immissions in the living area, such as by rail traffic, road traffic or by construction measures are usually perceived as disturbing.

Based on vibration measurements, we assess the vibrations objectively and, if necessary, plan reduction measures.

Application examples for this are:

  • Vibrations of staircases

  • Vibrations of floor slabs

  • Vibrations of grandstands

  • Shakes caused by rail traffic

  • Vibrations of bridge structures

Structural safety of buildings

Vibrational excitation can cause short-term or long-term damage to structures, even the structural safety can be affected. Both individual events as well as recurring loadings, which lead to signs of fatigue, play a role here. By means of vibration measurements, we check whether the dynamic effects can become critical for the structure or parts of the structure. Based on this, we conduct in-depth examinations in the form of fatigue calculations, or plan structural or technical measures for vibration

Examples of vibration sources are:

  • Bells in bell towers

  • Machines on ceiling structures (washing machines, screening machine)

  • Machines on steel scaffolding (crushers, vibrating chutes)

  • Wind excitation of tower structures and chimneys

Measurements for highly sensitive devices in the nano range

The installation of precision equipment should be preceded by a detailed assessment of the installation site. Often it is necessary to take insulating measures already during the planning of a building, in order to meet the requirements of the devices for the "oscillation rest" at the later installation site. An assessment of the suitability of an installation location is carried out by us after the measurement with highly sensitive sensors and the evaluation according to the VC curves.

An appraisal is recommended in many cases for the preparation of:

  • Optical measuring devices

  • Sensitive medical equipment

  • precision balances

  • electron microscopes

Soil dynamics, vibration propagation in the soil

Vibration waves from vibrations or from periodic suggestions, for example, by blasting, by rail traffic or by wind turbines are transmitted over the ground. Depending on the frequency of the impacts and the soil properties, we can record and evaluate the vibrations even at a great distance from the source by using correspondingly sensitive measuring technology.

Measurements of building frequencies for system identification

By measuring the natural frequencies and the associated eigenmodes, we can reliably obtain information about the structure properties.

A measurement of the natural frequencies of the structure serves for:

  • Calibration of static and dynamic calculation models

  • damage identification

  • Frequency tuning of machines or absorbers