Plant Engineering

We have many years of experience in the static and dynamic analysis of structural systems and components in plant engineering. In addition to the usual service loads, the analyses can also take into account temperature effects, operating pressures, machine-induced vibrations, explosion effects and seismic actions.

Plant engineering is characterized by continuously changing conditions due to modifications of the production processes. In the case of reconstructions, a reassessment of the construction might be necessary taking into account the modified static system of the structure. This represents a major challenge, especially in the question of earthquake safety.

Therefore, SDA-engineering GmbH developed in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University and the Chemical Industry new approaches for the assessment of the seismic vulnerability of existing plants within. The results of this project form the basis for the guideline "The Load Case Earthquake in Plant Construction" provided by the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI).

We quickly and competently carry out static and dynamic structural analyzes in plant construction for our customers and assess the seismic safety of industrial plants on the basis of the VCI guidelines.