Pipeline Construction

The analysis of pipelines in industrial facilities is a complex task, because of the interactions with the surrounding structural system. For a sufficient design, these interactions shall be taken into account according to the current codes and guidelines. Furthermore, especially the calculation and design of buried pipelines is a challenging task, as the interaction effects between the pipeline and the surrounding soil plays an important role and is rather difficult to simulate.

We solved this problem through the development of sophisticated three-dimensional simulation models, in which the pipeline is represented by nonlinear beam elements and the contact to the surrounding soil is captured by springs with nonlinear empirical load-displacement curves acting in axial, torsional and vertical direction. The seismic ground motion is caused by shear waves, which propagate orthogonally to the propagation direction of the earthquake and exhibit higher amplitudes in comparison to the compression waves.

The calculations of pipelines are carried out on the safe side for a horizontally propagating seismic wave with a low wave velocity. SDA-engineering GmbH possesses extensive experience in the calculation of pipelines and will provide you with reliable and economic design solutions. Please contact us for innovative pipeline designs.