MINEA - Verification of Masonry Structures

With the MINEA software (www.minea-design.com) structural engineers can quickly and effectively verify the structural safety of masonry structures and mixed structures made of masonry and reinforced concrete. Herein, vertical loads and horizontal loads due to earthquakes and wind can be considered. By using the integrated database structure of MINEA, the design of all masonry materials including authorized products as well as concrete materials is available. The calculation is performed by MINEA depending on the requirements of the specific building based on two- or three-dimensional structural models.

After entering the loading and the floor plan in the graphical user interface, the verifications are performed automatically by the program and a report in the form of a verifiable static calculation is generated. Special emphasis was placed on intuitive handling, easy data entry, and transparent verification procedures during the development of the program. The program allows the user to carry out all verifications necessary for the design situations considering earthquake actions, dead and live loads with minimal effort. The modular layout of the report can be easily adapted to the particular requirements of each single user.

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