2nd SeDIF-Conference 2021

SDA hosts the second International Conference on Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities together with the Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics (RWTH Aachen University), the Center for Wind and Earthquake Engineering (RWTH Aachen University), TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH and TÜV SÜD Academy GmbH. This conference takes place online on March 1.-2., 2021 and aims at bringing together researchers, design engineers and plant operators to discuss the particularities of seismic design in plant engineering. Detailed information on the SeDIF-Conference 2021 can be found on

SDA participates the Pipeline Symposium 2020 „Pipelines – safe – efficient – flexible“ of the TÜV Nord Academie

In cooperation with OPEN GRID Europe GmbH in Essen, SDA will present various aspects of the seismic design of pipeline systems in the lecture "Seismic actions on buried pipeline systems". The conference will take place on 16th and 17th June 2020 in Hamburg. Further details can be found on the conference website.

SDA participates the regional seminar on induced seismicity due to Human Activities in Groningen (Netherlands)

Groningen is the largest on-land gas field in the world with continuous gas extraction operations since 1963. Earthquakes up to magnitude 3.6 in 3km depth, with the largest recorded horizontal acceleration of 0.11g, have been triggered since 2012 inflicting structural damage on houses and other buildings on the gas field and arousing public unrest. The regional seminar will discuss the problems related to gas extraction and covers the topics Geological & Geophysical Aspects, Hazard & Risk, Geotechnical Issues, Seismic Monitoring, Structural Assessment & Strengthening and Structural Experiments and Modelling. SDA contributes to the seminar with an invited lecture about induced seismicity and industrial facilities. The seminar takes place between 11th and 14th May 2020 in Groningen and is organized by the European Association of Earthquake Engineering (EAEE) and the Dutch Earthquake Engineering Association (DEEA).

SDA joins the Working Group “Seismic assessment, design and resilience of industrial facilities” installed by the “European Association of Earthquake Engineering” (EAEE)

The working group (WG) is constituted by experts in the fields of seismology, earthquake engineering, resilience and Na-tech risks. The outcome of the WG provides a contribution to the development of seismic codes and guidelines, including seismic design and innovative protection systems of major-hazard industrial plant components, and supports the implementation of the Seveso III Directive 2012/18/EU which regulates the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances under seismic events. SDA contributes to the WG with a long-standing experience in the design of industrial facilities and plant components.

SDA participates in the WCEE in Sendai (Japan)

This year, the 17h World Conference on Earthquake Engineering takes place in Sendai (Japan) from 13.-18. of June 2020. The conference covers a wide variety of subjects on earthquake engineering, which are detailed described on the conference website. SDA-engineering is represented with two articles on the seismic design of masonry structures and industrial facilities. In addition, Prof. Butenweg participates as German representative in the board meeting of the European Association of Earthquake Engineering (EAEE).

SDA leads seminar on seismic design at the Chamber of Engineers BAU NRW

On 24.04 and 08.10.2020 SDA leads two seminars on “Seismic Design of Buildings according to DIN EN 1998” organized by the Academy of Engineers West e. V. The seminars under the supervision of Prof. Butenweg will take place on the 24th of April in Duisburg and on the 8th of October in Dortmund. Further information can be found on the website of the Academy of Engineers West e. V.

SDA leads seminar on the topic "Design and calculation in the earthquake situation"

As part of the monthly seminars of the BDB Aachen, the SDA-engineering GmbH leads the event on the subject "Design and calculation in the earthquake situation". The event is concerned with aspects of the design suitable for the earthquake as well as the verification concepts of the Eurocode 8 (DIN EN 1998-1, DIN EN 1998-1/NA). Here, the focus is particularly directed to the introduction of the national Annex of the EC8 and the introduction of new earthquake maps for Germany.

The event will take place on September 9, 2019 in Aachen. The venue will be announced.

Construction seminars 2019 of KS Süd e.V.

The SDA-engineering GmbH, represented by Prof. Butenweg, leads the lecture "Earthquake design of masonry structures made of sand-lime bricks according to DIN EN 1998-1" of the construction seminars of KS Süd e. V. in February 2019. The event will take place on the following dates:

February, 12 Frankenthal

February, 13 Neu-Isenburg

February, 14 Karlsruhe

February, 19 Freiburg-Munzingen

February, 20 Filderstadt

SDA at the German Environmental Congress 2018

At the German Environmental Congress on 19. and 20. of September 2018 the SDA engineering GmbH was represented with the lecture "Earthquake Design of Industrial Plants" by Prof. Butenweg. The lecture provided the basics of seismic design of industrial facilities according to the Eurocode concept in conjunction with the VCI guideline "The load case earthquake in plant engineering".

SDA supports the training of international engineers in the graduate program MME-Construct

The master program will improve the structural engineering knowledge in subjects such as the design of industrial facilities under exceptional loading, seismic design and vulnerability assessment of structures to hazardous events. The knowledge in structural analysis will be enhanced by the application of innovative numerical solution methods and professional software packages. SDA is supporting the courses “Design and Detailing of Nonstructural Industrial Components and Equipment” and “Selected Chapters of Plant Engineering and Construction” at the RWTH Aachen University.

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SDA becomes operational in DAfM Research Advisory Board

The German Committee for Masonry Construction e. V. (DAfM) concentrates the existing expertise of science, construction supervision, consulting engineers and test engineers as well as builders, construction industry and building materials industry in the field of masonry construction. The aim of the DAfM's work is to promote science and application research in the field of masonry construction in order to generate user-friendly guidelines and practice-oriented execution rules. SDA supports the work of the Research Advisory Board with many years of experience in practice and research.

SDA participates in the 16. ECEE in Thessaloniki

This year, the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering takes place in Thessaloniki from 18.-21. of June 2018. Earthquake engineers, geotechnicians as well as geologists and seismologists from all over the world will meet to discuss current findings. SDA-engineering is represented with a total of five specialist articles from various topics on the seismic design of structures and pipelines. In addition, Prof. Butenweg participates as German representative in the board meeting of the European Association of Earthquake Engineering (EAEE).


SDA at the TIASD 2018 in Porto

The third edition of the International Workshop on Traditional and Innovative Approaches will be held in Guimarães, near Porto, from 26.-28. of April. It will be an exchange of experiences in the field of seismic design. Researching experts will meet to discuss established approaches as well as new, innovative approaches for designing structures to withstand earthquake loading. SDA-engineering participates with a lecture on the topic "Innovative decoupling element for infill masonry walls".

SDA attends the 10th Conference on Flat Bottom Storage Tanks in Munich

The main focus of this international conference on the 18th and 10th October 2016 is to update on new regulations for the operation and design of above ground storage tanks in Europe and worldwide. SDA-engineering GmbH contributes with two presentations dealing with the seismic design of tank structures.

Establishment of the Center of Wind and Earthquake Engineering

On 05.02.2016 the Center for Wind and Earthquake Engineering (CWE) was established at Aachen University. The center forms the basis for a fruitfull interdisciplinary collaboration of the adressed research fields at Aachen University. Prof.-Dr.-Ing. Christoph Butenweg is board member of the established center on behalf of FH Aachen - University of Applied Sceinces.